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Morning followers, church members, interested parties and the local community. This is the new website of Bulwell St Mary's the Virgin and All Souls Church. I am the website manager and I am here to show you around our new site.

As you can see from looking around the site it is not completed yet however we have some great little features to entice you and allow you to get a feel of our Church.

Please pay close note to the footer area where you can access all our important information relating to privacy, safeguarding, terms and accessibility.

We have a growing website and in the next few weeks more pages will be opened up. For now though why don't you look around and see what we have on offer. Please also don't forget to follow us on Facebook.

Everyone is welcome to our church, service is every Sunday 10 am till 11:30 am and young ones are welcome to attend from 9:30 for Whizz Kids.

Stay tuned for more Blogs coming from myself then hopefully the rest of the church members.

If you wish to see more information or have any ideas about our new site you can contact me direct on

Looking forward to seeing you all in church soon.

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